September 16, 2014

JustHost Web Hosting Review

JustHost Web Hosting Review

Just Host was founded in 2008 by Chris Phillips. This site is now a brand that is owned by Endurance International Group.

Just Host is an “unlimited everything” web host that has marketing that would appear you could host the largest of sites for only $3.75 per month. As most industry experts know, there’s no “unlimited” space on servers.

In this review, I’ll compare the features of Just Host, show you actual pricing, and cover all of the plans that they currently offer. Hopefully, I’ll help you make an informed choice in the web hosting company you choose to use.

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Featured Just Host Video

This review done by TopTENReviews is a review of Just Host. This video explains the fees associated with a Just Host web hosting signup including eCommerce, domain registration, and more.

Shared Hosting Plan Details and Price Comparison

Just Host’s current plan is “unlimited everything” in that they offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, and email accounts. This plan also includes a free website builder and a free domain registration.

Pricing Tiers Pricing Comparison:

  • Monthly Rate: $8.95/month + $20 setup. You’ll pay: $28.95.
  • 3 Months Prepay: $8.95/month + $20 setup. You’ll pay: $46.85
  • 6 Months Prepay: $7.95/month + free setup. You’ll pay: $47.70
  • 12 Months Prepay: $4.95/month + free setup. You’ll pay: $59.40
  • 24 Months Prepay: $3.95/month + free setup. You’ll pay: $94.80
  • 36 Months Prepay: $3.25/month + free setup. You’ll pay: $117.00
  • 48 Months Prepay: $3.25/month + free setup. You’ll pay: $156.00

Just Host also offers a “Just Pro” plan up-sell during checkout that costs $19.95 per month. You’ll pay $239.40 for 12 months of service under this plan with no monthly payment option. The only difference they show during checkout is that the pro plan includes their $19.99/year “Site Backup Pro” service that backs up your site on a daily basis. Obviously, not a good deal as it is written currently.

Just Host Reseller Hosting Options

Just Host Reseller Plan Details

Just host offers three reseller hosting packages that offer varying disk space, bandwidth, and price points.

  • Silver: 100GB space, 15Mbps. $19.95 monthly (no prepay discount)
  • Gold: 250GB space, 25Mbps. $54.95 monthly.
  • Platinum: 500GB space, 35Mbps. $94.95 monthly.

The Gold and Platinum plans have a prepay discount if you pay a year in advance and will save you $5/mo. All plans include unlimited hosted domains, subdomains, email accounts, MySQL databases, and more, similar to the shared hosting offer.

Are They Reliable and Trustworthy?

Is Just Host Reliable and Trustworthy?Just Host offers an Anytime Money Back Guarantee which states that if you cancel your hosting account, they will refund you any unused portion of your prepayment with exception to add-ons such as free domain registrations.

Since this is a brand owned by Endurance International, please refer to that page for information about BBB ratings.

After reviewing threads on WebHostingTalk from 2012 forward, this service is trending towards a negative experience.

User kandyjet posted on June 12th, 2012 that Justhost was hurting their web hosting reseller business. This user doesn’t post the best English, however, you see a clear trend of restoring from backups over and over without correcting the issue/exploit that is causing the problem. Most hosts will look at server logs and determine the point of intrusion and assist with correcting the problem. Just Host apparently didn’t. Here’s a quote from part of this extended review:

was running very smoothly for first two months. [..] Then suddenly ALL sites were hacked under our hosting. [..] within next few days again all sites hacked for 3rd time.cant login to cpanl or whmcs. [..] they now telling no more backups we have for you.not restoring any sites.

User john7778 experienced their site go down to just a blank page and requested a backup only to be notified that they only had the database available for restoration. This happens more commonly with hosts and it is always important to create your own backups.

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Using Just Host for E-Commerce

Just Host Ecommerce FeaturesJust Host, as part of their shared hosting package, includes access to a free generated shared SSL certificate for your website.

This service also provides 1-click installation services for OSCommerce, Agora, CubeCart, ZenCart, and other open source shopping cart systems.

According to JustHost’s documentation, private SSL service requires a dedicated IP address and  costs $19.95 per year. Their SSL page refers to a private SSL certificate being available for $69.99 per year.

Customer Service Review

Just Host Customer Support OptionsJust Host offers the following customer support solutions:

  • Toll-free telephone support 24/7.
  • Direct email addresses to support and billing.
  • Live chat which is live and active at the time of this review.
  • Ticket help desk system.
  • Knowledgebase system. This is a limited system but solutions have been updated recently.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Getting started wizard.
  • Blog. This is outdated with the last post being April of 2011.

They currently do not have a user discussion forum.

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Scott’s Final Thoughts

Scott's Final Thoughts About Just Host Web Hosting CompanyCurrently, I am unable to recommend the services of Just Host based on current feedback and reviews found on external resources. There seems to be a trend towards negativity towards this brand owned by EIG.

Additionally, this company has let the brand “rot” in a way by not updating their blog, adding new helpdesk topics, and more.

How has your experience been? Leave a review below.

Please visit Just Host directly to verify current pricing and plan options.

About the author 

Scott Buehler

I'm Scott Buehler and I'm here to help you choose the best web host for your needs. This site aims to be completely unbiased and is data driven for the ranking charts. Be sure to leave a review or comment below to share your experience. This site thrives off of word of mouth. Please share this site on your website, blog, or social media. Add me to your circles! Thanks!

  • At first I chose justhost because they came up high in the hosting rankings in 2009 when I signed up. At some point it seemed to go dramatically downhill. My site was hacked?/massive virus that noone identified or helped fix. I was unceremoniously dumped for no reason off their site with only a week’s notice!

    Apparently they had changed their TOS without notice for webcontent but gave me no lead time to ensure my safe transitiion of my site/business and no assistance. In fact they deliberately seemed to withold critical info so they could keep billing me under the guise of me still “using” their site/domain services. I did beg and plead for more time and for them to rectify the fraudulent charges.

    Then to add insult to injury they kept billing me and even automatically charged my credit card up to a year later! Since they have turned a deaf ear I am now going to contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. Please do this! If you get bad service their BBB rating will reflect that.

    Meanwhile, Hostgator saved me, fixed my virus, transferred my site, held my hand. Just one person’s experience. Too me the worst offense was to dump me through no fault of my own/no notice and without concern about how I could maintain continuity of my business/income and then have the GALL TO CONTINUE FRAUDULENTLY CHARGING ME! I feel they did this deliberately as I repeatedly asked them what else I needed to do to completely sever ties and stop billing.

  • Complete crap hosting. If you have a site that gets no traffic, uses no resources, and does little but sit there and take up space on the Web, then JustHost is probably for you. If you have a site that gets ANY sort of traffic or has ANY kind of usefulness or growth, go elsewhere. Avoid BlueHost, HostGator, and others as they’re all owned by the same company and on the same horrible network.

    Today, they are (yet again) experiencing system-wide downtime. That “uptime guarantee” they promise? Never happens. They won’t refund anything either, not without having your attorney send them something to make them think you’re going to sue.

    Worst. Host. Ever.

  • I use JustHost for both my personal and professional web site, and have done so for a couple years. As I write this they have been completely down for over 12 hours. I have no access to important e-mails, and my customers have no access to my web site. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened, but it is the longest outage so far. I question the reliability of their service as well as their support. I have avoided migrating to another web hosting service out of laziness, but this is the last straw. I highly recommend using someone else.

  • Reliability was OK until a week ago. Since then the server my domain is hosted on has been down, for over 5 days. justhost refuses to update the server status page to acknowledge the issue, refuses to say what they are doing to fix the problem, and provide no useful information or work-around when I contact their “help” desk. This has been a terrible experience.

  • Justhost is a complete scam. They’ve teamed up with Sitelock and now my site is full of malware. They offer inexpensive hosting, but then offer all these addons. When you don’t sign up for them, they find alternative ways to increase revenue. No my site is full of malware. Shouldn’t justhost be protecting the server from malware?? Instead, they sell you a bunch of garbage, along with Sitelock, to rip you off. Absolutely NO VALUE ADDED. I’m posting throughout social media given I’m exhausted trying to fix the problem and putting in good money after investing bad money on their BS recommended addons. Avoid Justhost!!!

  • Justhost service is horrible. My site has been down for days. Was forced to sign up for Sitelock. Then called Justhost and was told if I signed up for $500 increased Sitelock, problem would be solved. Turns out my problem got worse. Both companies advertise 24/7 help, but neither has resolved issue despite paying more for increased service. Justhost told me to call in two days when the appropriate Dept is in (so much for 24/7 help – this Dept works M-F, 9-5 and they’re the only one that can help according to level 2 tech service. Would avoid both Justhost and Sitelock. Neither has been straightforward. My site is still down, after day, I’m out an additional $500 and no one at either company cares. They were quick to take my credit card. Will be looking for a new web hosting company on Monday.

  • I’ve had just host for a little over a year. After the first year my monthly rate jumped up to $14.99 a month from the promotional $2.50. I don’t have my renewal options set for automatic, because I like to manually handle the allocation of my money. I didn’t renew my hosting service on time because frankly, my website isn’t a business or anything people would be upset about not seeing. I renewed it about 15 days after the expiration date. The problem is, I’m paying for 30 days of service but will only receive 15. Justhost explained that when I renew, it goes from the day I signed up to 30 days from then. So what about the 15 days my site was down and there was no traffic going to my site? I don’t understand why I’m paying for the downtime and only get 15 days but still have to pay the full price for a month. Completely unsatisfied and upset with this process. I don’t like paying for a service I’m not receiving, didn’t receive, or didn’t want. If I renew my website on the 15th of may, it should go from may 15th to june 15th. According to Justhost it will only go from may 15th to may 30th because I signed up on May 1st and it only applies to the day you sign up to 30 days after. Personally, I feel scammed because I had to pay $15 for 15 days of service just to get my content off their servers to go somewhere else.

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