September 16, 2014

LiquidWeb VPS Hosting Review

LiquidWeb VPS Hosting Review

LiquidWeb’s primary focus is The Storm Platform which offers cloud-based dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, and their newest offer launched November of 2012, block storage. This platform was launched in 2010 and has grown in features and capabilities since then.

LiquidWeb was founded in 1997 by Matthew Hill in a small office in Holt, Michigan. The company also received the INC Magazine INC.5000 fastest growing company award from 2007 – 2012. Currently, their company employs 300+ people in technical support, server setup, networking, security, and other departments.

Liquid Web also offers self-owned data centers in three locations at Lansing, Michigan, and one datacenter in Scottsdale, Arizona. Lastly, according to the company statistics page, they have 20,000+ clients and 13,000+ servers.

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Featured Liquid Web Video

Liquid Web is a company that is known to have a little fun. In this video, you get a commercial-like video provided by Liquid Web showing you their data center, hardware, monitoring, and cooling facilities. The video also explains what they mean by Heroic Support® (registered trademark of LiquidWeb) and how it would benefit you.

Shared Hosting Plan Comparison

Liquid Web is mostly known for their Virtual Private Servers and their cloud offers, however, they also offer premium shared web hosting for those who want the best for their growing business. These plans are:

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Each plan comes with unlimited email accounts, mailing lists, and MySQL databases. They also come with redundant nightly backups, website statistics, and SSH secure shell access. You can host more add-on domains than what is shown above, however, each additional add-on on top of what they provide free is $5/mo extra.

The price quoted on their website is the actual monthly rate and there are no prepaid discounts during the checkout process. If you have more sites than what they allow, you have three choices:

  1. Pay the $5/mo for each added domain.
  2. Upgrade to Liquid Web’s storm Virtual Private Servers which start at $50/mo (see below).
  3. Choose another premium business hosting solution like InMotion Hosting that offers 25 hosted domains or $13-95-$17.95 depending on prepay. I don’t recommend any “unlimited everything” host for those needing premium business hosting.

Liquid Web Storm Virtual Private Servers

Liquid Web VPS PlansWelcome to The Storm Platform where your hosting is in the cloud, the high-performance cloud, and is totally backed by Heroic Support® with proactive monitoring and 24×7 support access.

Liquid Web currently offers four VPS plans which are shown in the screen shot above. These plans all offer instant deployment, 5TB bandwidth, a free firewall, and more. They also come with the ability to easily upgrade / downgrade your plan and the ability to clone if needed.

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Liquid Web Storm Dedicated Servers

Liquid Web offers two different types of dedicated servers that you can choose from. The first option is your typical dedicated server with cloud feature. With Liquid Web, you have the ability to configure RAID configuration, CPU processor type, and operating system from Windows to Linux. Whatever your needs might be, Liquid Web will likely be able to handle it.

All dedicated servers come with instant deployment, daily billing, easy upgrade / downgrade ability, free firewall, and the ability to create deployable server images. The flexibility with their dedicated server plans is unheard of. If you need complete transparency and a powerful, feature-rich cloud environment, Liquid Web is probably going to be your best bet!

There are too many configurations to count! Their dedicated servers sale page has 21 listed, but if you click “View All Available Storm Dedicated Servers” at the bottom, you’ll be presented with a massive list of options with prices ranging from $179/mo to $1,799/mo.

Dedicated Servers with Solid State Drives (SSD)

Liquid Web SSD ServersLiquid Web’s Storm SSD solution offers dedicated servers with lightening fast I/O speed using solid state drives (flash memory). As you can see though, the pricing for these servers range from $450/mo to $1,500/mo.

Both regular cloud dedicated servers and these SSD servers beat Amazon’s EC2 cloud, however, these SSD absolutely destroy that service when comparing IOPS of 4K sequential write & read as well as 4K random write & read. By using an SSD, you’ll virtually remove the hard disk bottleneck and dramatically increase response times.

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Storm Block Storage Feature

Liquid Web Block Storage Diagram

The Storm Platform from Liquid Web continues to grow with their latest feature, the “Storm Block Storage.” In layman’s terms, this service allows you to dramatically increase the available disk space to your storm server with up to 15TB in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks of a mouse. You can connect that additional storage space on one or more servers and use it to add space to your cloud servers, maintain an off-server backup, establish a segregated environment for development, and more.

Prices for this range from $15/mo for 150GB to $1,500/mo for 15TB of storage. These prices are very reasonable considering it can be used to restore for a catastrophic failure within minutes!

Standard Dedicated Servers

Liquid Web Standard Dedicated Servers

Of course, if, for some reason, the storm cloud servers aren’t your cup of espresso, you can always opt for standard dedicated servers remove all of the cloud features and stick you in a regular dedicated server that is costly to upgrade and maintain. See their website for current dedicated server offers and configurations.

Are They Reliable and Trustworthy?

Is Liquid Web Trustoworthy and Reliable?Shared hosting only: Their shared hosting includes a 30 day money back guarantee of your hosting fees but does not include domain registrations and any paid signup fees.

All plans on The Storm Platform and standard managed dedicated servers do not offer a money back guarantee, however, they do offer a 100% network uptime guarantee, a 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee, and a 30 minute initial response guarantee. According to their SLA, you will receive 10 times (1,000%) credit for the actual amount of down time you experience.

Liquid Web BBB RatingLiquid Web currently has an A+ rating and is an accredited BBB business. This company has received only 4 complaints in the past 3 years with 2 of those complaints registered in the past 12 months.

External Reviews for Liquid Web from 2012 or newer:

I’m noticing a negative trend towards Liquid Web on WebHostingTalk in January, 2013.

User nickkc on January 7th, 2013 said his Smart VPS 1GB is unreliable on LiquidWeb. He moved back to HostGator before a staff member on WHT could attempt to resolve the problem.

My developer made sure everything worked on his server (and I tested it) before switching to Liquid Web. And suddenly all sort of problems started to occur – image upload won’t work, user creation would not register, Imagik library is not properly configured, etc. Then after a week of fiddling around with their VPS server, we finally managed to make it work. But the trouble didn’t stop

User dna2z said he was leaving LiquidWeb on January 15th, 2013 and said:

I have been a liquidweb customer for > 5 years, but lately I’ve become very disillusioned about the quality of their service. The techs seem minimally trained and in a hurry to close tickets. If an support thread gets too long I often have to remind them of what the root problem I was trying to solve was.

It’s not all negative though, there’s a lot of positive reviews too. User pedrosttau posted on September 14th, 2012 about their experience with LiquidWeb after 7 months of use.

Liquidweb…. what can I say? This company is an example of professionalism in every possible way. I don’t believe I haver ever worked with third party provider as diligent, helpful and competent as Liquidweb. When an issue arises, its handled by knowledgeable engineers who understand that they are not there to tick a “in progress” box, but are there to resolve a problem.

User nebb0r posted a very lengthy and thorough review of LiquidWeb after five years of service and said:

If you want managed hosting, and your budget fits within LiquidWeb’s packages, DO IT!! I would recommend them with no hesitation. There are cheaper companies out there for hosting, but as the saying goes (and it’s always rung true for me) you get what you pay for. And, what you pay for at LiquidWeb is solid quality service and hardware performance.

Though I’m a bit concerned with recent feedback, the LiquidWeb history of being industry leaders in customer support speaks for itself. How has your experience been? Anything you’d like to add? Leave a comment.

Customer Service Review

Liquid Web Customer Support OptionsLiquid Web offers the following customer support options:

  • Toll free and international telephone numbers with 24 hour support.
  • Live chat that is live and active at the time of this review.
  • Direct email address to support.
  • Help desk ticket system.
  • Knowledgebase. This system appears updated and is searchable. The organization of topics is confusing with featured topics showing under their three categories. I’d definitely use search to find anything specific.
  • Video tutorials for cPanel, Fantastico, WHM, FTP, DNS, and Email are available.
  • Company blog. This is used to share recent news and upgrades

LiquidWeb does not offer a user discussion forum or any way for the community to interact with each other on their site.

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Scott’s Final Thoughts

Scott's Final Thoughts About LiquidWebLiquid Web offers a very impressive service at a premium price. Their primary target audience are those looking for the absolute highest tier of premium web hosting and dedicated servers with, or without, cloud service.

Liquid Web continues to impress me with their consistent upgrades and feature releases to enhance the user experience. Their most recent release was the Cloud Block Storage option which appears useful for those wanting a private place to stick server clones or a place to develop and test things. Lets not forget that you can use this to increase the available space on your live servers too, I think this is an overall impressive idea.

Their customer service was always impressive to me but recent feedback suggests their support might be slipping a little. How has your experience been? Leave a review below and let me know!

Please visit Liquid Web directly to verify current pricing and plan options.

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  • The worst customer service ever at liquid web. They ignore the questions when you have a problem with them and they don’t do any compensation even to keep you with them. I had 3 dedicated servers with them and i canceled them all and i found even hostgator better than them although they don’t have complex solutions but still they are better than liquid web.

  • I have been using Liquid Web for close to ten years for a myriad of reasons. The technicians are available 24/7, are located in Michigan and speak English. My sites have a 99% uptime and if ever I have any problems, their technicians work fast to resolve the problem. After so many years of working with the same technicians, many have become friends. I think rapport is so incredibly important, especially since so many hosting company out there outsource their support offshore. Especially, if you are an American based company, there should be no hesitation in supporting an American company who offers solid support. If you value high quality tech support, use Liquid Web.

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