September 17

Adding Widgets


In this video training lesson, we show you how to add independent blocks of content to both the sidebar and footer area. These blocks of content are called widgets and are used to show categories, archives, calendar, categories, and more. Below is a sampling of widgets that are available to my WordPress installation which includes custom widgets from the StudioPress Genesis child themes.

How to Use WordPress Widgets

Adding Widgets – You will learn how to:

  • Use supported widgetized areas in your WordPress theme.
  • Find where widgets are used (Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets).
  • See a list of available widgets.
  • See widget areas available on your current WordPress theme.
  • See widgets in use on your site.
  • Edit settings on your widgets.
  • Rearrange widgets on your site.
  • Deactivate widgets.
  • Drag and drop widgets to sections on your site.
  • Use and understand the text widget which is the most versatile widget available.

This video demonstration also walks you through customizing the widget areas of the default WordPress 2012 theme which includes sections for customizing the front page content with custom widget areas.

In the next video tutorial, we’ll show you how to build and customize your own navigation menus within WordPress. Wish to see all of the WordPress videos? Go to the main WordPress video training series page.

Have questions or comments about using widgets? Scroll down and leave a comment in the comments section below.


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