September 17, 2014

Now that you understand the dashboard inside WordPress, it is time to create a new post to share your content with the Internet. In this video tutorial, you will learn:

  • The differences between pages and posts.
  • Why pages are typically used for static content that doesn’t change that often.
  • How to start writing your first post.
  • The post title section.
  • The post content section.
  • How to adjust your posts’ permalinks.
  • Editing and formatting your text in the post including bold and lists.
  • How to create links in your posts (the basics).
  • How to add a “More” button/link to prevent full posts from displaying on your homepage.
  • The full-screen mode for distraction free writing.
  • The “kitchen sink” that offers additional formatting options for your post.
  • The “paste from Word” function and why you should use it.
  • How to use the “Visual Mode” versus the “Text Mode” while explaining the differences between these modes.
  • Selecting and/or creating a category for your post to be displayed under.
  • Post tags.
  • How to use post formats.
  • How to use a featured image to display a thumbnail on posts.
  • Using preview to display a post before making it live on your website.
  • Using visibility to choose how your content is displayed, from public to password protected content.
  • Post scheduling and backdating.

Now that you’ve seen how to create a post, what if you need to edit the post to add, change, or otherwise alter the post? In the next video lesson, I’ll show you how to edit your WordPress post’s content. Click to go back to the main WordPress video training series.

Have a question about creating your first post? Leave a comment below!

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