September 15, 2014

Configuring the Genesis Metro Child Theme

Configuring the Metro Child ThemeNow that you have Metro child theme installed, you may have noticed that it looks nothing like the demo provided by StudioPress. In this two-part series, I will walk you through the entire setup process to setup the theme exactly like the demo.

At the time of recording, Metro was actually my favorite Genesis theme which is why I chose it for this series.

By going through the steps setting up Metro, you have the benefit seeing what the Genesis framework can do for your site without much knowledge of PHP or HTML code.

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Find the setup instructions for your theme on StudioPress.
  • Copy and paste the instructions to a text editor.
  • See the various widget sections of the Metro Child Theme that you can configure.
  • Set the “Your latest posts” option under Settings > Reading
  • Install the WordPress Importer tool.
  • Import the XML file from the Metro theme with images and temporary content.
  • Switch between the various color options that Metro comes with.
  • Upload your large background image that your site will display.
  • Setup the primary navigation menu.
  • Setup the secondary navigation menu.
  • Configure your own custom navigation menu.
  • Add the date to the primary navigation menu.
  • Add text to the secondary navigation with “Subnav – Left” widget area.

Continue configuring your theme with Configuring Your Metro Child Theme – Part 2.

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  • I am new to WordPress and took a chance that I could find some information about how to DEAL WITH Genesis’s child theme Metro. Your 2 part tutorial was fantastic! Really appreciated the cadence, the warmth in your voice as you were taking us on the journey of repopulating the theme as was originally presented. I learned so much in those two short tutorials.

    I am up and running…. Thanks to you!

    • Hey Chris. You can grab the background image that is used in Metro here. I have no idea if this image is copyright free, so tread carefully and use at your own risk. Any dark background looks good.

  • Hi – Video 2 link isn’t working – could you please tell me what size and resolution I need for the background photo – then my site will be ready to rock – thanks!

    Heather Hess

  • Just yesterday bought Metro theme.
    Thank you very much for your usefull tutorial.

    After installing and configuring as per your tutorial I can not see subnav left widgit area. How to change “Like this theme” ?

    Thank you, Alex

  • Thank You! You made my work easy. The only issue … I’m still unable to identify subnav left widget area. Any inputs would be appreciated.

    • It doesn’t work to the latest version anymore. But you can enable the sub nav on the left by enabling the CSS Classes and use “assignleft”. You can find the option of the upper right corner “Screen Options”.

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