September 16, 2014

Coolhandle Web Hosting Review

Coolhandle Web Hosting Review

Coolhandle was started in 2001 by a small group of IT professionals and currently hosts over 50,000 domains at the time of this review.

Coolhandle currently offers shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and Virtual Private Servers. In this review, I’ll go in depth about their three shared web hosting packages and will touch on their other offers for those that are interested in their other options or need additional server power to run their growing websites.

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Featured CoolHandle Video

This is a promotional video by CoolHandle discussing their web hosting build-it-for-you service. This type of service is generally not needed by most, however, some might find it interesting so I decided to include it.

Hosting Plan Comparison


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In the interest of keeping our pricing comparison fair, I always choose the least pre-paid option available. For Coolhandle, the smallest pre-paid option is a 6 month duration and these prices reflect that option. Further discounts are available and shown below if you are willing to pre-pay for a longer term.

All plans include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and free setup.

Starter Plan Pricing Options:

  • 6 Month Prepay: $9.95/mo for total price: $59.70
  • 12 Month Prepay: $7.95/mo for total price: $95.40
  • 24 Month Prepay: $6.95/mo for total price: $166.80
  • 36 Month Prepay: $3.95/mo for total price: $142.20 <- Not a mistake!

Business Plan Pricing Options:

  • 6 Month Prepay: $13.95/mo for total price: $83.70
  • 12 Month Prepay: $11.95/mo for total price: $143.40
  • 24 Month Prepay: $10.95/mo for total price: $262.80
  • 36 Month Prepay: $10.95/mo for total price: $394.20

Professional Plan Pricing Options:

  • 6 Month Prepay: $14.95/mo for total price: $89.70
  • 12 Month Prepay: $13.95/mo for total price: $167.40
  • 24 Month Prepay: $12.95/mo for total price: $310.80
  • 36 Month Prepay: $12.95/mo for total price: $466.20

Obviously after looking at this pricing structure, if you only 5 websites with a database on each (or less), then the best choice is the Starter plan, especially if you are willing to prepay for a three year term. Coolhandle advertises $3.95 on their main pages and this is the only plan that offers such a drastically low price.

CoolHandle Available Hosting Options

Not only does Coolhandle offer shared hosting (shown above), they also offer other hosting options including reseller hosting (be your own host) and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.

Reseller Plans: Coolhandle offers three reseller plans starting at $19.95 (2 year prepay price). The monthly rates for their reseller plans start at $34.95. The “Reseller 2” and “Reseller 3” plans allow you to “oversell” the disk space to your clients, provide SSH access, and offers access to Private SSL (for Ecommerce), which “Reseller 1” does not. Please keep this in mind when  looking over their offering and make the decision if you need these features or not.

VPS Hosting Plans: Coolhandle offers three VPS plans with the major differences between them all is the disk space, RAM, management level, and the amount of free dedicated IP addresses your VPS will come with. As for pricing, the lowest price is $23.95 per month when you prepay for 12 months. The cheapest monthly payment price is $29.95. Interestingly enough, only the VPS plans sales page quotes the lowest prepay (in this case, monthly payment) price.

Unfortunately, Coolhandle has a Dedicated Servers sales page but they aren’t making these available. The highest powered offering from them is VPS.

Are They Reliable and Trustworthy?

Is Coolhandle Trustworthy?The positive is they offer a 30-day money back guarantee from the day of purchase.

Unfortunately based on reviews seen in 2012, I’m noticing a trend of upset customers which isn’t good considering they only host 50,000 domains. My judgement

Scott deems Coolhandle UNRELIABLE at the time of this review. Reasons for this are as follows:

Coolhandle BBB Rating
1) Coolhandle currently has a BBB rating of D and has had their accreditation revoked due to failure to honor their agreements with BBB.

2) Coolhandle has received a complaint from a web hosting reseller regarding problems with sending email from their sites hosted on their servers. Although they have received answers from Coolhandle staff, at the bottom, Coolhandle was caught red-handed attempting to extort a refund by attempting to have the user remove the negative feedback from WebHostingTalk. Source.

3) Another WebHostingTalk thread complaining about issues getting a refund on services with no response from the company.

ECommerce Shopping Site Information

Coolhandle Ecommerce SolutionsIn order to run an ECommerce website on Coolhandle, you will need to start with the “Business” web hosting plan (see above for pricing).

The pricing for their business plan is $11.95 when you prepay for 12 months which I consider expensive. One of the reasons I like InMotion Hosting so much is an ECommerce website starts at only $7.96/mo through our links here at WebHostingChoose.

On top of the higher monthly cost of the Business plan, they will also charge you $4.99 for a dedicated IP address which is required to have a SSL certificate to accept credit cards online.

For these reasons, I do not recommend Coolhandle for ECommerce needs.

Customer Service Review

Coolhandle Customer Support OptionsCoolhandle offers the following customer service options on their website at the time of this review:

  • Toll free telephone customer support.
  • Live chat (not available at the time of this review).
  • Knowledgebase (limited)
  • Support ticket system
  • Flash tutorials

I say Coolhandle’s knowledgebase is limited because the amount of questions and answers is below what I’d call average. I can tell by my analysis that they do not actively update their knowledgebase when issues from customers arrive in their helpdesk. Hosts that maintain their knowledgebase have hundreds and hundreds of Q&As.

Overall, I find their customer support options lacking. They do not have a company blog that is available and no other way to post notices, updates, and improvements other than on their sales pages on the site. I’d like to see a blog setup (their free!) with an active administrator who is sharing their excitement for their service, updating plans for future, and more. Additionally, an offline live chat is off-putting, even on a Sunday, the day of this review.

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Scott’s Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts about CoolhandleI find Coolhandle is leaning towards deceptive pricing when you visit their main page that currently shows $3.95 pricing. This pricing does not accurately reflect the true pricing scheme that this company offers and the only way to get close to that price is to prepay for a three year term. Personally, if I am trying a new company, I’ll pay for the shortest term to simply try the service and see if I like it. The cheapest price for this type of testing is $9.95/month for six months!

Coolhandle should really pay more attention to their customers and try to be more understanding a patient with their clients. Responding to tickets in full caps (shown on WebHostingTalk) just isn’t acceptable. I’d also like to see Coolhandle address their D rating at their BBB page.

I welcome the CEO or employees of Coolhandle to respond to the various issues I’ve found in the comments below.

Please visit Coolhandle directly to verify current pricing and plan options.

About the author 

Scott Buehler

I'm Scott Buehler and I'm here to help you choose the best web host for your needs. This site aims to be completely unbiased and is data driven for the ranking charts. Be sure to leave a review or comment below to share your experience. This site thrives off of word of mouth. Please share this site on your website, blog, or social media. Add me to your circles! Thanks!

  • Bad story – ColdHandle. I had been with Coolhandle for about 2 years without any problems. I had about 25 fully built functioning websites earning for me, not huge amounts, but certainly part of my income. And then there was a hack attempt on my credit card. The bank advised that it was cancelled and a new card issued. So I did. Just after that my hosting bill came due but I forgot to change to the new credit card number on my Coolhandle hosting. When the email invoice notification arrived, for some reason it went to my spam folder and the Coolhandle cancelled my hosting. I wrote to them the next day explaining what had happened and this is the cold reply I got:

    Neil, We are in receipt of the dispute you filled with your card company for the dedicated IP address charge on February 18, 2013. We can no longer offer you service.

    Thanks, Adam R.

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: xxx-xxxxxxxx
    Department: Billing
    Priority: Urgent
    Status: Closed

    I was locked out of paying for the invoices – they would not allow me to pay with any other method and would not allow me to get a copy of all the sites, nothing 🙁

    They did not answer any more requests I sent asking for help to at least get a copy of my sites if they would not allow me to stay with them. Nothing. There had not been any problems that I know of to cause this kind of cold, uncaring treatment.

    Conclusion. With that kind of support you, sadly, I could not recommend them to others who need a reliable website.

  • Been using them for the last 3 years and have seen great technical service spiral down to dismal email only service recently. Support area on website is inneficient as you cannot see your service calls that you’ve emailed easily. As I host a dozen sites, i’m getting worried. No way to reach management or sys admins anymore, just some CS that tells you to send an email…. too bad was real good a couple years back.

  • I applied for the monthly pay plan and was told I would not be able to because I was using a pre paid card. That was fine so I went through the cancellation process. All was well until six weeks later when they billed my ccard for a whole year. Talked to them on the phone and I was told my money would be back on my card within 24 hours. Now they don’t answer emails and they disconnect every time I try to call. Very Very Bad !!! Beware of Coolhandle

  • I was just looking at joining coolhandle when I thought about checking them out, I’m certainly gald I came across your site before signing up.
    Thank you for sharing

  • One of my friend recommended me cool handle services, was a bit skeptical before, but after availing the custom web design service i am rest assured now. The website design is just the way i wanted it to be for my new online business venture. Great work team cool handle

  • CoolHandle is the absolute WORST company that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I signed up for a three year service that I was lead to believe that my bank account would be debited monthly for, only to my shock discovered hours later that they had debited my account for the full, three-year contract. I was contacted by my bank several hours later asking me if I authorized an almost $400 payment to CH and I told them NO, I authorized a monthly payment of $9.95.

    I immediately contacted CoolHandle in an attempt to resolve the situation. After a series of five phone calls and six emails they finally stated they would NOT refund my money in part or fully (even though they kept telling me they were looking into it). I asked to speak to their supervisor and was told I had to call back when one would be present. I asked for their mailing address and I was told they do not give out their mailing address. They led me to believe they just did not care about my concern or their billing tactics, they just basically told me to accept it…


  • The technical experts, at cool-handle, possess a greater know-how and provide prompt service. I purchase a domain name from cool-handle with that I too get a life time free domain privacy. Before this I dint knew that a domain privacy was that important.

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