September 21, 2014

InMotion Hosting Review

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InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting Review Essentials

InMotion Hosting is currently a top 5 ranked web host and for being a premium business hosting solution. Let’s take a quick look at their plans:

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InMotion Hosting is best known for their business class web hosting services. Most people, when describing IMH to others, describe them as a web host that cares the most about their business clients. The reason is they really treat their customers extremely well and able to resolve issues quickly. Another reason businesses love InMotion Hosting is their world-class US-based telephone customer support. Where most hosts have cut costs and outsourced their support overseas, InMotion Hosting hasn’t.

FREE SSD UPGRADE INCLUDED: Whether you are choosing business web hosting or VPS, they offer a FREE UPGRADE to SSD drives on your web hosting account. This provides better response times on page loads, faster queries to your WordPress database and typically an expensive upgrade that is only available to VPS plans. They really have businesses in mind with this offer.

InMotion Hosting Features

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Hosting Plan Comparison

It’s all about the math. How much? Here’s the rates with the current promotional pricing awarded to you. Here we go:

Launch Tier Standard Pricing:

  • 12 Months Prepay: $4.79/month = $57.48
  • 24 Months Prepay: $4.19/month = $100.56

Power Tier Standard Pricing:

  • 12 Months Prepay: $5.99/month = $71.88
  • 24 Months Prepay: $5.39/month = $129.36

Pro Tier Standard Pricing:

  • 1 Month (Monthly Payments): $11.39/month
  • 6 Months Prepay: $9.59/month = $57.54
  • 12 Months Prepay: $8.99/month = $107.88

InMotion Hosting Upsells at Checkout

InMotion offers a few upsells a checkout. Let’s cover them so you’ll be prepared during your ordering process. Here’s my recommendation:

InMotion Hosting Upsells

  • Managed Hosting: You do not need this service. Select “No Thanks”
  • McAfee Anti-Virus: This provides anti-virus scanning on your email account you register with your domain name. If you have anti-virus software on your computer, it likely scans your emails you download already. I recommend “No, Thanks.”

This last option, Content Management System Auto-Installer, is FREE and really awesome. This is the first web host I’ve seen that will automatically install WordPres on your web hosting account during the ordering process.

While most offer 1-click installs by now, InMotion goes a step further by automatically setting it up for you with nothing on your end having to be done at all.

If you are setting up a new WordPress, PrestaShop or Joomla on your domain, take advantage of this service!

Featured InMotion Hosting Video

This video put out by InMotion Hosting describes their services from simple shared hosting all the way to dedicated servers. This really gives you a great idea of what the differences are between the services they offer.

InMotion Hosting Available Options

InMotion Hosting Options

This company offers three different hosting service options that will be able to serve any hosting need you have from business-class shared hosting as shown above or more powerful solutions such as VPS hosting or the most powerful solution out there, dedicated servers.

  • Business Hosting: As shown above, this is InMotion Hosting’s business hosting class of service. This is their most frequently ordered package, with most people opting for the “Power” plan so that they can host up to six sites.
  • VPS Hosting: View the InMotion VPS options here or see my other writeup about this service by visiting my InMotion Hosting VPS review.
  • Dedicated Servers: The most powerful web hosting solution available. Claim a server all to yourself with absolutely no sharing resources with anyone else. Prices start at $119.95 and go clear up to $569.95 with dual processors and loads of features. Check out their current offers on this page.
  • Reseller Hosting: Want to be your own web hosting company or offer services to your clients? Be sure to check out the reseller options that offer a free control panel and an eNom domain reseller account for your clients to use. Starts at $13.99/month.

Are They Reliable and Trustworthy?

InMotion Hosting Comparison

Is InMotion Hosting Trustworthy and Reliable?InMotion Hosting currently has 50 reviews on TopFiveAwards’ web hosting section of their review site and another 6 reviews for their VPS service. The majority of these reviews are positive. If you have a review to share of their business hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers, be sure to leave a review below so we can share it with our viewers!

If I purchase a 12 or 24 month prepay, can I get my money back? InMotion offers you a full 90 day money back guarantee on their hosting service. If you don’t like their service within the first 90 days, you may request a refund of the unused portion. This 90 day period is the longest grace period in the industry with the normal period being 30 days. In itself, this 90 day period is a statement from InMotion Hosting directly saying that their service is trustworthy and reliable.

In addition to the money back guarantee, they also offer you the choice of datacenters which is very rare in the industry. This helps ensure that the speed of your website in relation to your location is the fastest possible.

Reviews Discovered Around the Internet

[quotegray]“We’ve used InMotion hosting for several years now. During that time, not only have we had almost zero downtime, but the support has been fantastic as well — the live 24/7 chat is a great feature, and the service reps are knowledgable enough to help and adept enough to explain solutions in a way that less experienced users can understand. I’d definitely recommend InMotion to everyone.” – Allyson Cataldo on WhoIsHostingThis on 05/19/2014[/quotegray]

[quoteblack]“Inmotion is defintely better than Ipage on page load speed and assistance waits. I am currently in the process of moving a domain from Ipage to Inmotion because of the page load speed issue. Ipage does not provide browser caching and there are more problems with webpages taking too long to load. Telephone waits to get assistance are much longer with Ipage. Inmotion does not have some of the programs offered by Ipage such as SEO. But Ipage ignores the slow server issue which is an important aspect of SEO. They also do not provide assistance with social media advertising in their SEO program. Why not? ” – Kelly Clover on WebHostingGeeks 09/14/2014[/quoteblack]

[quotegray]“After spending 4 hours on the phone with my IT Tech after they installed Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 and not being able to send AND receive mail ( it was either send OR receive – not both), I contacted InMotion Hosting support and spoke with Brett T. who fixed my problem in less than 10 minutes. Hats off to Brett. As a home based business owner, my email is severely important and with his expertise he just made my day after stressing the last 4 hours. I just wanted to give recognition to Brett who was able to fix the problem and get me on my way quickly and efficiently. As a small business owner who depends heavily on my internet visability – I highly recommend InMotion Hosting. ” – TIR Travel on WebHostingGeeks on 08/30/2014[/quotegray]

Opening a Store Online – Your ECommerce Solution

InMotion Hosting Ecommerce FeaturesInMotion Hosting offers free shopping cart software that is made available to all “Power” and “Pro” level accounts. This software allows you to setup a store front for your products, control inventory, and shipping. This software is also pre-configured to work with all of the most commonly used merchant systems available.

Current shopping cart systems offered are OSCommerce, Cube Cart, and Zen Cart. InMotion also offers a merchant account service if needed.

Want a more premium shopping cart that will cost extra? Check out the top shopping cart systems available. Be sure to scroll through the various systems that have “No Hosting” deeper within that site to find solutions you can host on your server. If you want the best most secure solution though, you may want to just go with a hosted solution through the top 5 providers instead of purchasing a hosting solution through Web Hosting Choose. Check out their Volusion review to see if this is the better solution for what you need.

Customer Service Review

InMotion Hosting Customer Support OptionsInMotion Hosting offers the following customer support options on their website:

  • Telephone Support: Toll-free 24/7. Available for all departments. USA based support. International telephone numbers for support are available.
  • Email Support: Direct email addresses to all support departments.
  • Live Chat: Available 24/7.
  • Helpdesk Ticket System:  Available for all departments.
  • Support Center: Available with tutorials, FAQs and guides for various topics.
  • Social Networking: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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About the author 

Scott Buehler

I'm Scott Buehler and I'm here to help you choose the best web host for your needs. This site aims to be completely unbiased and is data driven for the ranking charts. Be sure to leave a review or comment below to share your experience. This site thrives off of word of mouth. Please share this site on your website, blog, or social media. Add me to your circles! Thanks!

  • I’ve been with InMotion for two years and started on shared hosting through VPS and now on Dedicated Servier. Sadly, the support has gotten much worse the more money I spend.

    My site has grown and while they seem to be good at basics, they know force you to pay for Premium Support when it comes to VPS and Dedicated Servers. I found it odd as most companies are going to treat the customers who spend a small fortune with them well, but my experience as many other dedicated server people who’ve since left, shows that is just not the case.

    With each server, I kept feeling like support was trying to push me on upsells to bigger servers. I have no problem upgrading when needed, but after being told by tech support that one Dedicated Server would be all I’d need for a year, within a week, another one tried to push me up to a Commercial Server which I didn’t need.

    Their new Premium Service is just not ready for primetime as it mainly consists of two people. Their hours are only 9 to 6 PM ET so if your site goes down at night your out of luck. Regular support now pushes VPS and Dedicated Server people to the Premium service which you have to pay for.

    I’d have no problem paying extra, but when you call a service Premium, you expect that. In the past month after upgrading, I’ve had more downtime on my site than ever in its 7 year history. I lost a couple great advertisers because of the downtime and then I found out that a few times regular support made changes to my server without my knowledge and then I had to pay the Premium Service to get it fixed. The Advanced Team let me know that this had happened.

    I finally broke down and wrote a full letter to what they call Customer Care. It took some time but they finally called me back, but then never once apologized for all the problems or even offered to help fix anything. The person tried to rush me off and make me think it was my fault , but he quickly learned that I understand my server issues and then he kept giving me long pauses of quiet.

    I was more than shocked after reading countless good reviews like this one. But after I mentioned my experience on Twitter, the real truth came out about InMotion and two of their employees were very upfront which I appreciated. They let me know it wasn’t uncommon for support to make changes which caused more harm than good and then push the customer off onto the Premium Service plan which you have to pay for.

    I also was sent over 60 e-mails from people who’ve left InMotion in the past two months due to problems just like this.

    Sadly most people who have left don’t write about their experiences with InMotion so all people know are the good reviews. Hopefully this will get posted, but I will be writing further of my nightmare with InMotion Hosting.

    They’re good if you’re a smaller website, but once you take off, they can’t handle it.

    • Hi Will. Thank you for the informative review about your issues and problems with InMotion Hosting. I appreciate you taking the time to write all of this.

      This site is currently hosted with InMotion Hosting as a VPS and I’ve submitted over 10 tickets in the past 2 months and I’ve never been asked to pay for premium support. It would appear the site you linked is on a dedicated server provided by InMotion Hosting or at least, still using an InMotion machine email address when I do a DNS lookup. How are things right now for you? It would appear as of right now the site is loading quickly and responding well to my page requests (as it should on a dedicated server) but it is also the weekend at off-peak 10AM at the time of this writing.

      I’d like more specifics as to the amount of traffic your WordPress site is handling. When did you first install W3 cache? What was the traffic history history like when you shifted from shared > VPS > dedicated? I ask not as a critic but as an information provider for those considering IMH.

      I haven’t done a lot of research on IMH dedicated servers. My review is mainly for those considering starting a business website that need a shared business plan or VPS for which they have tens of thousands of satisfied customers including myself.

      All that being said, I think you’ve got a unique case here with a very popular WordPress blog. Many have experienced these types of problems when their WP website/blogs explode in traffic and people should be prepared for the headaches that can come from this. If I were you, I’d actually consider moving to a company that deals with these types of busy sites almost exclusively such as RackSpace. They would likely suggest helping you configure a costly but effective load-balancing setup such as the one they mention on their blog . Just trying to give you some ideas to consider. Let me know.

      • Note from Scott: This was posted with permission from Will and is from our lengthy email conversation.

        InMotion now has what they call Premiere Service which you can pay a monthly fee for 1 – 3 hours of support and then after that it’s $45 per hour. Regular Premium Support is $75.

        I had signed up for that service, but you go through your added in hours quickly and they bill just as quickly. The regular support team was making changes to the server which I didn’t know about the then the server would go down. Regular support told me I then had to contact Premium support. The premium support had to correct the mistakes that the regular support team had made, but I had to pay for that. Racking up $1 K was very easy in a month when you’ve got one department screwing up your site, and the other department has to fix it.

        I found out a few days ago from the Premium Support that they were having to fix errors caused by the regular support team and that’s when I realized what was going on and why my $289 /month server was now costing an additional $1K to run. Our site pulls in about 90 – 95K unique visitors daily, and still you wouldn’t have to pay that much for a server for that traffic.

        When I pointed this out to Customer Care yesterday, the guy didn’t sound the least bit surprised either. That’s where I just reached my breaking point with all this. I even have Incapsula, which is a better version of Cloud Flare to help with caching and reducing server load so when you’re going above and beyond to help out your hosting company to only find your getting screwed like that, it easily makes more sense to switch.

        So far, I’ve been really happy with Liquid Web as they had me go through a full questionnaire so they knew exactly what my configuration is now along with testing it fully before switching it over. They also asked me for all the traffic numbers (including direct hits which are always way higher than you’ll see on Google Analytics or other stats services) so they knew what configuration I needed. I was shocked to see that we average about 2 million direct hits daily (this is from google bots, spam attempts, etc.). Liquid Web took all this and configured a much more beefy server than my current one, but for $50 per month less. That surprised me that it would be less but still around $300 per month which for this kind of traffic that’s expected.

        InMotion had configured Nginx, APC, Varnish to run with W3 Total Cache which has been the biggest issue with server overloads. I had the W3 Total Cache Developer’s partner check out our server for a second opinion and he made some suggestions, but InMotion said he was wrong. I thought it odd that InMotion pushes the W3 Total Cache plugin, but when the developers of it make some great suggestions for caching, they felt he was wrong.

        Not being a server person, it’s been frustrating. Most people with sites are in this boat as when you contact a hosting company you really don’t know what to ask for. I’m just hoping our experience can help others having to move up to ask more questions and really do the research. Our site took off as a huge surprise, but it’s done so steadily, at least now we understand more about servers and what not to accept in a hosting provider.

  • This is the best hosting I have had in the last 15 years, I am glad I found it, my down time is NIL.
    The people I do talk to from time to time is very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.
    My congrats to a superb service.

  • Usually, InMotion support is quick and addresses my needs. This time, I’d made a typo in my doman name request, and didn’t notice it for a couple weeks. When I went online with the online support, the person told me they COULD change the domanname for free. When I followed up in email with a different support person, I was told that, no, I’d have to purchase the ‘correct’ domain as well.

    I don’t have a problem with the fact that I made the mistake and would have to pay twice. I do have a problem that I received mixed messages from support. It’s really only the first time InMotion has given me anything to gripe about, service-wise, but they DID send the follow-up “do you want to provide feedback about your support experience?” request this weekend.

    • Hello Eric,

      I happened to see your comment here and I wanted to reach out to you. I am a technical content writer for InMotion Hosting (we manage the Support Center). With any domain registration, we are able to cancel the domain within 120 hours with our registrar, Melbourne IT. After the 120 hours, the domain would still stay active and we would have still paid for your domain at the time which is why we would have required you to purchase an additional domain.

      Our support representatives, are always happy to help as much as possible, but sometimes things are completely out of our control. I hope that you have had good experiences after this and I wish your website the best.

  • Customer service was very patient and helpful in assiting me with all my questions about their services and how domains and website hotsting works.

  • Unhappy about this issue. I requested a dedicated IP for our ecommerce site when I bought the hosting plan from Matt B. He said it wasn’t a problem. My developer tried to transfer the site over and they said that it is a shared IP. I called Sales who then redirected me to Tech Support who redirected me back to AMP to request the dedicated IP. I bought a SSL at the same time. This was Thursday. I checked today (Monday afternoon) and the cPanel still says shared IP.

    I need to have our site moved over and need an answer as to when I can expect this completed. I was originally told a day – 5 days ago.


    • Hey John, was this ever resolved? For anyone reading this, the best and only way to request an upgrade to your account is through their AMP (Account Management Panel). When you called sales, they definitely should have told you to use the AMP to request the SSL/Dedicated IP. Both of these are required for any sort of Ecommerce site.

      Anyway, I hope this has been cleared up for you. I hope you’ll follow up on this. Thanks!

  • Why is their support the best?

    1) Relaxing music on hold.
    2) They don’t try to up sell you while on hold.
    3) Reasonable times on hold.
    4) They speak English as a native language. (I’m not being biased, it’s just that as a native Engish speaker, in a native English speaking country, it seems normal and easier to speak to a native English speaker.)
    5) And most importantly, the folks that answer the phones know what they are talking about; they don’t just read from a script on the screen. Prompt, accurate, concise answers. What’s not to like?

  • Very fast and courteous Customer Service. I suspected the problem was on my ISP side. Inmotion technical team took time to replicate the problem and only confirmed everything was fine on their side (they were right since I tried other, my mobile ISP, through iPhone and it worked perfect). I have to use InMotion’s CS no more than once, maybe twice a year and every time they are quick and right on the money, mostly helping me fix problems on my side. Thanks!

  • Make a mistake when renewing my website and the billing department was extremely helpful to get the issues corrected. Customer Service #1.

  • I’ve never ever met a good support team, such as InMotion Hosting Support Team. I feel very happy. InMotion Hosting Support Team provide the very best service and support to customers. Thank you

  • i am very frustrated with open cart theme based template which uses java script . i would prefer html . I pay for a service and its hard to integrate with what i have to place on my web page . The interface is not user friendly .

    • Hey Paul, this is a problem with the free software that InMotion Hosting offers as part of their one-click install offer (like many other hosts), therefore, this review should not be viewed by others as negative towards InMotion Hosting but towards the OpenCart platform. How has the hosting been for you? Has it been reliable? Support good? Etc? Thanks for the review.

  • I was impressed with the fast friendly service, my experience is excellent so far although a little frustrated about the security checks for registration before completing my application.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Service was great. The person I dealt with was knowledgeable, polite and very competent…fixed the problem right away.

  • I use IMH for two personal sites and have referred several clients to them. (I concentrate on designing small & simple sites, usually for artists/photographers).

    Overall I rate:

    pricing – very competitive (I believe in never going with the absolute cheapest because you get what you pay for, and never going with the highest price.)

    customer service – quick, courteous, English-speaking, and usually very knowledgeable

    reliability – never had a problem with my sites or any of my clients’ sites – no downtime at all

    value – outstanding

    The one complaint I have, and this seems to be the way most hosting/domain name mgmt. companies operate, is that auto-renewal is turned on by default. This means your credit card gets charged for renewal without notifying you ahead of time, or giving you any opportunity to make changes. I would have changed the domain name for one of my sites (and willingly paid them for it), but didn’t get an chance to do so. I might have upgraded plans or purchased additional functionality too. So their automatic auto-renewal ended up costing them money. In another case, the clients were elderly (90+) with a small site to market a book. After a year or so, they wanted to shut down the site. But auto-renewal bit them. They didn’t realize auto-renewal was the default, and got charged for another unwanted year of hosting. It took some doing, but eventually I was able to get IMH to issue them a refund. [Addendum: today, more than a year after they thought they had shut down their site, their domain name registration (done thru an IMH partner) was also auto-renewed without their knowledge or consent. After a long chat with billing, it looks like IMH will email the clients and explain very clearly to them how they can cancel this and get a refund.] Lessons learned: 1) don’t pay by credit card (they will accept PayPal with a $50 minimum); and 2) if you must use a credit card, make sure that auto-renewal is turned off.

    But, as I said, this appears to be a standard industry practice. I don’t like it, I think it’s sneaky, and I think auto-renewal should be opt-in, not opt-out. But I know to tell my clients to insist on no auto-renewal. And kudos to IMH for initiating refunds.

    I’ll continue to recommend IMH to clients, but urge them to demand auto-renewal be turned off.

  • Really informative! Thanks for sharing beneficial stuff about virtual private servers. There are as many web host plans out there as the number of web hosting providers. It’s surprising why Znetlive is not on the list. I have been with them for around 4-5 years hosting many websites and they provide ultimate services. Happy to have found them.

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