September 16, 2014

MyHosting VPS Hosting Review

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MyHosting VPS Hosting Review

MyHosting VPS Review Essentials

I’m not providing a comparison table for their services because they literally have thousands of VPS configurations available that you could choose from.

Here is how the customizer looks:

MyHosting VPS CustomizerAs you can see, you literally have all of the options you could possibly want at your fingertips here.

Simple slide the slider up on the options you need including disk space, memory, processors, IP addresses and bandwidth. Once you have those setup the way you want, then add your control panel on the left.

By using our link here with coupon VPS25, you” save 25% off the price shown.

Top it off, your VPS will be ready within one hour!

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MyHosting Shared Hosting

Even though MyHosting is more known for their VPS hosting, they do offer shared web hosting. Here’s the options:

MyHosting Shared HostingOur recommendation is this:

  • Need Linux Hosting? Choose the Personal Website Option
  • Need Windows Hosting? Choose the Business Hosting option.
  • Need eCommerce? Choose the eCommerce Hosting.

It doesn’t get simpler than that.

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