September 16, 2014

SiteGround Web Hosting Review

SiteGround Web Hosting Review

SiteGround Review Essentials

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SiteGround is bucking the trend of most hosts who provide “unlimited everything” web hosting. With these guys, you need to pick between 10GB – 30GB of space which is more than enough for most people and most websites.

So how do you choose the host that is right for you? Here’s some basic questions that will help you.

How many websites will you need to host? If more than 1, then choose GrowBig.

Will you need an eCommerce site with SSL and PCI Complaince? If yes, then choose GoGeek. If no, then GrowBig is for you.

All three packages include:

SiteGround Essential Features

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No Nonsense Pricing – A Nice Relief!

The prices seen above are the price you will pay no matter how long you choose to prepay. Whether you choose 1 year or 3 years, you will pay the rate shown on this page. The only time this changes is if you want to do monthly billing. For those accounts, there is a $14.95-$24.95 setup fee required (depends on package).

SiteGround Hosting Options

SiteGround Hosting Options

Besides shared hosting, SiteGround also offers:

  • Cloud Hosting: SiteGround offers 4 cloud hosting packages ranging in price from $68.95 to $138.95. These plans include a worldwide content delivery network for speedy delivery of your website content. Also includes are a free SSL certificate, 2 free dedicated IPs, remote daily backups and a free domain name.
  • Dedicated Hosting: They currently have 3 dedicated server configurations ranging in price from $229/mo to $429/mo.
  • Reseller Hosting: Need to be a reliable web host? SiteGround pricing structure is confusing at first, but the gist of it is you buy 1 credit for 1 year of hosting. A minimum of 5 credits is required to start. 5 credits is $45/credit for a total of $225/year. For you math geniuses out there, your base cost per customer is $3.75 per month.

Are They Reliable and Trustworthy?

SiteGround UptimeThis host provides a full 30-day money back guarantee which states if you are not happy with the service within 30 days, you can request a full refund minus any domain registration fees.

SiteGround BBB RatingThey are rated a B+ by the BBB but is not BBB accredited. The company has had 18 complaints in the last 3 years with 3 closed in the last 12 months.

Based on reviews though, they are quite popular.

Reviews Discovered Around the Internet

[quotegray]“I have been with many different web hosts over the years and I’m voluntarily writing this review because I am really happy with SiteGround. If you have a WordPress or similar site, and are looking for the most features for the lowest price, they are your solution.

I only know their support technicians are great because I have had to contact them on two occasions to fix a problem that I caused.

I’m always a little leery when I read about how great a host’s tech support is when the customer indicates how quickly the host responded to an outage. Really there shouldn’t be an outage in the first place. Second should there be an outage, the customer shouldn’t even need to be involved. I don’t want to have to contact tech support if that were to happen. It should just simply be fixed.

It seems obvious to me but unfortunately it isn’t obvious to many web hosts which is why I’m happy with SiteGround.” – Glenn Cooley on WhoIsHostingThis 06/30/2014[/quotegray]

[quoteblack]“I have been using SiteGround for nearly a decade now on a social website. They were head and shoulders above the crowd back then and now it is half the length of the home straight to the next best. Feature rich, economical, super reliable and support that not only works but goes the extra mile to sort issues quickly and completely. Where else do you get all that? On other (business oriented) websites I have tried different providers over the years but, with the relatively recent introduction of geographically distributed servers, SiteGround has removed the last impediment to moving these accounts across when their renewal time comes around.” – Bruno G. on WebHostingHero 08/16/2014[/quoteblack]

[quotegray]“Wow! These people are awesome! I have been with many hosting providers over the years and currently have another reseller account with JustHost. I am switching my other ‘much larger’ site to Siteground as they seem more reliable as far as up time, as for sure more helpful! I have yet to build my new site with them, but from the little interaction I have had with them so far I am very pleased!” – Gaynor W. on WebHostingHero 06/22/2014[/quotegray]

[quoteblack]“I know I can confidently refer friends and clients to them and know that they will be well taken care of. I have completely enjoyed knowing that my site has been perfectly safe residing on the SiteGround servers. But more than that, the personal and professional attention goes well above and beyond what one expects from a large hosting company.” – Sarah Pressler on SiteGround 09/21/2014[/quoteblack]

Featured SiteGround Video

This video, by SiteGround, explains their customer support process including how they help customers with non-hosting related problems. This one is short, to the point and awesome. Worth checking out.

Customer Service Review

  • Telephone Support: Toll-free telephone support with 24/7 access. They state real-time instant help.
  • Live Chat: 24/7 access.
  • Ticket System: 24/7 access.
  • Tutorials: A full section of tutorials written by SiteGround staff.
  • Webinars: Hands-on knowledge on the hottest topics in the web hosting industry.
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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  • We have our site hosted at Siteground since a couple of years. During development when our support cases were not really urgent, things were fine. Our site is now live and their support has made us really disappointed recently. Siteground support always responds very quickly to the initial support request, most of the time within minutes. What then happens is that the support person replies with a question. Even if we answer immediately the support case then stays open for a very long time before support comes back. We are on a dedicated server but have recently started evaluating other hosting solutions.

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