September 21, 2014

Web Hosting Hub Review

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Web Hosting Hub Review

Web Hosting Hub Review Essentials

Web Hosting Hub is currently a top 5 ranked web host and for good reason. Let’s take a quick look at their plans:

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So what’s the difference and what do we recommend?

Web Hosting Hub Power Units

We strongly recommend choosing the Main Plan which is the default sign-up option, especially if you are a new webmaster just getting started on your website empire.

As you can see on the left, as you grow, you can grow your processing power, memory, disk requests and boost your resources allocation as needed with the pricier Nitro or Dynamo plans.

Web Hosting Hub offers a 90-day money back guarantee so feel free to take advantage of their promotional discounts with longer-term purchases.

Have experience with Web Hosting Hub? Awesome! Please click here and leave a review below!

Web Hosting Hub Features

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Hosting Plan Comparison

It’s all about the math. How much? Here’s the rates with the current promotional pricing awarded to you. Here we go:

  • 12 Months: $59.88.
  • 24 Months: $89.64*.
  • 36 Months: $137.52*.

[infobox]* The pricing includes a 3 month promotional period for $1.95 and 21 months at $3.99 by using our links here on this page.[/infobox]

Upgrading to the higher plans starts at $107.88. Verify pricing here. Do you need the higher plans? Not if you are new or have a lower traffic website. Here’s a quick guide:

Web Hosting Hub Plan Selector

The Plan Upsells

Web Hosting Hub Upsells

Secure Backups: If you can rely on yourself to login to your cPanel account and generate your own full site backups, download them for safe keeping,  and do this at minimum of a weekly basis, you can skip this option. But if you want peace of mind, the cost is only $12/year! Please remember though, never trust any hosting company with your valuable data you’ve worked so hard to add on your site(s). Always make your own backups (if you use this, at least bi-weekly)!

McAfee Protection: Skip this. Hosts have automated systems in place to scan for these issues and eradicate them anyways.

Are They Reliable and Trustworthy?

Is Web Hosting Hub Trustworthy and Reliable?Web Hosting Hub provides a full 90-day money back guarantee which states if you are not happy with the service within 90 days, you can request a full refund minus any domain registration fees.

Another important factor is their TOS which openly states their unlimited policy:

Web Hosting Hub’s “Unlimited” Policy is designed for the typical needs of a personal, micro, or small business. For example, it is not intended for computationally intensive software, large file repositories, as a backup system, as a free file download system, as a data warehouse, as a video archiving site, or other uses suitable for a dedicated server.

Web Hosting Hub BBB RatingThe Web Hosting Hub brand is represented by InMotion Hosting which has an “A+” rating with the BBB and is BBB accredited. The company has had 58 complaints in the last 3 years with 24 closed in the last 12 months.

Reviews Discovered Around the Internet

[quotegray]“So all in all, if you are just getting into hosting a web site (like a blog or something that doesn’t need much database use) then they are good to start with. There are better hosts out there but for the money it’s decent. I’ve read some horrible things about other large hosts so if you want to start with larger company, I say start with this one. WHH is among the standard handful of sites you’ll see if you search “web hosting reviews” on Google.” – Euler271 on Web Hosting Talk[/quotegray]

[quoteblack]“I’ve used WebHostingHub for two years in the past and, despite their “Unlimited” marketing policy, I’ve never had a single problem or dowtime; but it’s an exception.” – asgard on Web Hosting Talk 03/25/2014[/quoteblack]

[quotegray]“Web Hosting Hub have been great to deal with when it comes to domain registration and hosting. I’ve had a really good experience for a number of years which is why I continue to renew my service as well as introduce their services to more of my clients.

I’m particularly impressed with their online chat when I need support, even late on weekends! Keep up the great work!” – Michael Clarke on WhoIsHostingThis 09/29/2014[/quotegray]

[quoteblack]“I recently made the move to Web Hosting Hub after a very disappointing experience with one of the so-called highly recommended companies. I am a non-techie when it comes to the ftp and all that behind the scenes stuff but, the staff at Web Hosting Hub were fabulous with their assistance. I really received great service with my first call to the sales department. No long waits on hold and I spoke with a real live person in great spirits. With all my questions answered, I signed up and soon found that there was great organization with this company when bringing a new customer on-board. Since I’m not a techie I needed hand-holding but, once again, WHH’s staff was wonderful, thorough, professional, patient, and in my opinion went above and beyond with their service. If you need fast hosting backed-up by a great team of professionals you will be thrilled with Web Hosting Hub.” – Oakley Roberts on WhoIsHostingThis 09/15/2014[/quoteblack]

[quotegray]“Web hosting hub is particularly awesome with concrete5 at the moment. They have a dedicated support guy who knows concrete5 and are writing their own howtos. Best wishes” – frz on concrete5 01/03/2014[/quotegray]

Using Web Hosting Hub for ECommerce

Web Hosting Hub E-Commerce OptionsWeb Hosting Hub does not currently offer a plan that specifically offers everything you’ll need to accept credit cards on your website. After you join, you’ll need to make a few requests in the cPanel account to get everything you’ll need.

Dedicated IP Address: $2.95/mo or $35.40 per year.
Private SSL: Web Hosting Hub does not appear to offer a private SSL solution, therefore, you’d have to purchase your own from a 3rd party like RapidSSL and then install it on your domain (their support will help you free of charge).

If you don’t need to accept credit cards directly through your website, you can use their provided free shared SSL for the checkout process and then transfer the client to your 3rd party credit card processor (most shopping carts support this).

WHH also includes Softaculous which will allow you to install shopping carts with 1 click. The carts available for the auto-install process is Cube Cart, OSCommerce, ZenCart, and more.

Customer Service Review

Web Hosting Hub Customer Support OptionsWeb Hosting Hub offers the following customer support options on their website:

  • Telephone Support: Toll-free 24/7. Available for all departments. USA based support. International telephone numbers for support are available.
  • Email Support: Direct email addresses to all support departments.
  • Live Chat: Available 24/7.
  • Helpdesk Ticket System:  Available for all departments.
  • Support Center: Available with tutorials and guides for various topics.
  • Social Networking: Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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  • I signed up with Web Hosting Hub little over a week ago to migrate a site from a DreamHost account. I actually was choosing between WHH and IMH so this article is very pertinent. Unfortunately, early signs are not good. I am frequently finding myself unable to update/access the site because of lost connection to the shared MySQL instance. I have been advised that heavy load on the hour is causing the problems, so I am undoubtedly falling foul of using shared / unlimited resources. For the past hour I’ve not even been able to access my cPanel. Despite the obvious hassle I will have no choice but to invoke the 90-day money back pledge and move the site elsewhere as clearly there is no point hosting any site that you want to be available publicly if it’s inaccessible several times every day. Review has been verified.

    • Hey Nick, this surprises me. Can you send me your domain in private email (contact form) so I can verify your domain please? I’d recommend choosing IMH (use our coupon) because they don’t allow “unlimited everything” and limit the total domains per account. This, in itself, goes a long way in reliability.

      • So, in the interests of fairness …. to complete the story (I hope). I complained about the database going offline and got a response that some heavy activity (not by me) on the shared db server around the top of each hour was adversely affecting performance. They were looking into it. And I am very pleased to say that after a few more days of the same problems I have since not experienced anything like the same frequency since, now hardly ever have problems either accessing, or uploading to, the site. I guess I just got unlucky signing up at the time I did … and lucky that the support team listened to my complaints and took action. I’m still using WHH and now intend to continue to do so.

        • Nice Nick. I appreciate the followup! That’s awesome of you. These really are good people, I love working with InMotion / Hub myself and they have handled my issues as needed.

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