September 17, 2014

One of the greatest features of WordPress is the extensibility of the system by using plugins. With plugins, you can add, enhance, modify, and change the standard features that WordPress comes with.

Popular WordPress Plugins

One of the greatest examples of what plugins can offer you is the above plugin by Joost de Valk called WordPress SEO. This plugin allows you to further optimize the capabilities of your WordPress website to increase your search engine optimization.

How to Find and Install Plugins Tutorial – How to:

  • Find the plugins feature in WordPress (WordPress Dashboard > Plugins)
  • Activate the Akismet WordPress plugin that is installed by default.
  • Use the “Add New” function to search plugins and to see the most popular, and newest plugins available.
  • Upload a plugin from your computer.
  • Browse plugins by popularity including by tags.
  • Use Jetpack – A very popular all-in-one plugin that is put out by Automattic, the same people of
  • Automatically download and install plugins directly from within WordPress admin.
  • Activate plugins.

Jetpack is used as a great example of what is possible with WordPress plugins. A bit of warning though, don’t get too crazy installing everything under the sun because plugins can drastically harm the performance of your site and web server. Try to picky and choosy when considering plugins. In the case of Jetpack, although the package is absolutely awesome, I wouldn’t recommend activating every feature in that system. Use what’s needed and leave the rest off.

In the next lesson, we will go over how to add new users to your WordPress site. This can be a useful tool when you’d like to let others login and add posts to your site with their own author information. If you’d like, head back to the main WordPress Video Training Series section to browse from there.

If you have any questions or comments about the use of plugins, feel free to leave a comment below.

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