September 17, 2014

The WordPress settings area of your WordPress installation is one of the most important areas you will need to understand to get the most out of your website. It is strongly recommended that you configure your WordPress settings before you begin actively writing and publishing your content on your website. Testing

General Settings Configuration Options

  • Site Title – The main title of your website.
  • Site Tagline – The “byline” used in some themes.
  • WordPress Address – Don’t change this unless moving your site.
  • Site Address
  • Email Address – Used for administration emails about new comments, emails, etc.
  • Membership – Checked means it is open to registration to the Internet.
  • New User Default Role – Strongly recommended to keep it at Subscriber for security.
  • Timezone
  • Date format
  • Week Starting Day

Writing Settings Configuration Options

  • Formatting –  Options for emoticons and XHTML correction.
  • Default Post Category – Useful when you forget to set the category to a new post. Where do you want WordPress to place that post by default?
  • Default Post Format
  • Press This – See WordPress Tools video for explanation.
  • Post Via Email – Allows you to write and publish posts via your email account directly to your website. Make sure this is a hidden, secure, and unused email account because any emails received there will automatically become posts on your website.
  • Update Services – Pings services every time your WordPress is updated with new content. Helps get your content indexed in search engines a little more quickly.

Reading Configuration Options

  • Front Page Displays – This allows you to configure what is displayed on your front page including latest posts, a static page, and more options.
  • Max Blog Posts – Allows you to configure how many posts appear on your blog page.
  • Syndication – Allows you to configure how many posts appear in your RSS feed.
  • Article Summary – Allows you to configure whether full text or a summary is shown for each article.
  • Visibility – Turn off indexing from search engines. If you enable this, your website will not appear in most search engines that honor the noindex, nofollow meta tag.

Discussion Configuration Options

This section was discussed in detail in the managing comments video tutorial.

Media Configuration Options

  • Thumbnail Size – Many themes come configured to show thumbnails for blog and categories summaries. This section allows you to control how big those thumbnails will be by default and allows you to configure 3 different sizes that your blog will use. A good example of thumbnails in use is the Web Hosting Choose blog section.
  • Uploading Files – Allows you to configure where your uploaded files will go. The default is to leave this on so that WordPress will generate month and year subfolders for easier media management.

Permalinks Configuration Options

  • Common Settings – Learn about using friendly URLs on your website. We discus the various options and how they will appear on your website.
  • Option – Configure a category base or tag base for your WordPress posts.

Thank you for viewing this series. Remember, WordPress is constantly changing and evolving with new features and options so check back from time to time for updated videos that discuss these new features.

Want more? Scott is actively working on a new video series that will teach you how to purchase a domain name, how to setup your first web hosting account, how to quickly setup WordPress on that hosting account, and much more advanced topics such as managing your WordPress with a premium theme from StudioPress, which is one of my favorite premium theme providers.

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