September 17, 2014

The WordPress Dashboard

In this lesson, we will teach you about all of the WordPress dashboard elements so that you can begin the process of adding content to your website. You’ll learn:

  • How to access the WordPress dashboard.
  • The “Welcome to WordPress” introduction module section.
  • The three main sections of the dashboard, including the top toolbar navigation, main navigation menu, and the main work area.
  • How to switch between the public view and dashboard quickly and easily.
  • How to update your public profile including biography information.
  • The help menu which shows you contextual tips and information on the section you are viewing.
  • Moving and customizing modules and boxes to personalize your dashboard.
  • Configuring modules to display the information you want.
  • Comment moderation including deleting, approving, editing, and replying to comments.
  • Using QuickPress to quickly create a post right from the dashboard.

Now that you know the basics of the WordPress dashboard, it is time to start adding content to your website. In the next WordPress video tutorial, you’ll see the exact process you’ll need to take to create a new post in WordPress. Or, you can go back to the main WordPress Video Training Series page.

Note: Due to the licensing requirements of this video series, you will need to register a free account to see the remaining videos in the series. If you find these videos helpful, please consider a donation to help me fund further video tutorial projects for this site and pay the premium video hosting costs associated with this content.

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