​​​​About Web Hosting Choose – Why It’s Different

scottHi! I’m Scott Buehler, the owner and CEO of Web Hosting Choose. I’ve been a webmaster, designer, entrepreneur, and blogger since 1998 (whoa, I’m getting old!). Since that time, I’ve watched the web hosting industry explode with thousands of companies offering countless options and choices.

Since a few years ago, most hosting companies engaged in a turf war by offering “unlimited everything” packages to win clients to their service. Since that time, it has become increasingly difficult to select and choose the right web host for what you need because they all seemingly offer the same exact thing. Let me tell you, looks can be deceiving!

Maybe you want to run a WordPress blog or a fancy state-of-the-art Drupal site. Maybe you’d like to run a busy forum or have a site that will serve millions of people in your state (or country). How do you know which web hosting service to choose from?

This site started right after Christmas in 2012. I have a huge vision for where I want this site to go, including hiring experts in the field to write in our blog section, user-interactive comparison tables, and so much more.

Making the Right Web Hosting Choice

There’s thousands of choices out there for web hosting and it is quite difficult to narrow the field for what you need. WebHostingChoose.com is here to help make that decision quickly and easily depending on your needs. If I don’t quite answer your question on the site, please send an email and explain your situation. Depending on the information you provide, I should be able to steer you in the right direction, whether it be you need shared web hosting through a company like InMotion Hosting, a strong VPS plan provided by services like KnownHost, or a super powerful dedicated server provided by a company like LiquidWeb.

Not Just Another Affiliate Site

Part of the problem is there are literally thousands of “web hosting review sites” out there. I find the majority of these sites annoyingly frustrating because they with-hold the truth. Most sites aren’t disclosing their affiliations and list only the highest paying web hosts on their sites. How can you, the interested buyer, supposed to use a site like that to make your informed decision? You can’t!

Try this: Take a look at some of these review sites and find a host that doesn’t offer an affiliate program. Take that host’s name and see if their “review site” even lists them. Chances are, they probably don’t have them listed and even if they do, you may notice a lack of quality and effort in their review (because they aren’t being paid!).

What You’ll Notice About This Site

Though this site is brand new for 2013, you should begin to notice the following:

  • Not all hosts here are “affiliate hosts” yet I try to give equal exposure.
  • Plenty of outbound link resources that help you make an informed decision.
  • Links to reviews on verification services like Web Hosting Talk.
  • We’re not just about shared web hosting reviews. Our reviews showcase the many options by each host from the smallest packages all the way to dedicated servers. Most sites don’t do this because there’s no monetary gain from doing this extra work.
  • Honesty and Integrity.

Plans for the Future – 2013

As disclosed, I do earn commissions through some (though, not all) of the web hosts I review here. I plan to take this revenue to improve the functionality of this site by adding a nice star rating review system and to hire a developer to add in a sweet comparison engine I have in mind which may cost thousands to implement.

I also have some new tricks up my sleeve that I want to release near the end of this year that I won’t disclose to my competition. This is all going to be quite expensive so I do appreciate your patronage by using our links to make your web hosting purchase. Your hosting purchase will put this site one step closer to my dream!

The Bottom Line

Please understand you, as my visitor, are extremely important to me. I don’t view you as a potential dollar. Instead, I’m looking out for the best of your interests. Therefore, I do not, will not, and never will accept payments from hosting services that will influence their reviews.

Have experience with a host? Please visit our web hosting review section or do a search and submit a review. If we don’t have them listed, please send me a quick email and I’ll get them added.

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