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Please share WebHostingChoose.comWeb Hosting Choose was founded in 2012 and has been completely reliant on others to spread the word about this site with others.

Content Sharing Policy

My sharing policy: You are not permitted to share my entire articles, reviews, or other write-ups from our blog or web hosting company directory. You are permitted to share 3-4 sentence excerpts from WebHostingChoose.com on your website or blog as long as attribution (credit) is provided. In fact, content curation is something I strongly believe in and utilize.

Link To WebHostingChoose

I actively and openly share links to valuable resources here. I would be honored and humbled if you shared WebHostingChoose on your website or blog as well. Some guidelines:

  • Sitewide links: Please don’t add this site to blogrolls or other sidewide systems. I view these types of links as spammy and I don’t want to be associated with Internet spam.
  • I prefer: Links from site reviews, content curation, resource sharing, and other links within your content are preferred. This is how I link to outside resources because it is natural and how the Internet is supposed to work.

Social Sharing is Awesome

Besides sharing WebHostingChoose on your website or blog, I also love sharing on social networking and would be honored if you shared us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. I love to share valuable resources on these sites and would be completely honored if you mentioned this site or my work on these systems. In fact, don’t be surprised if I respond back thanking you because that’s just how I roll.

Thanks for Considering Sharing Us

Seriously, thank you for your consideration for sharing. I view shares to this site from whatever source, from websites to email, as kudos for my hard work here. You sharing this site is like you saying “Thank you,” shaking my hand, or patting me on the back. Every single time I see a new share, I smile, feel humbled, and feel thankful / blessed.

Thanks again and God bless.

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