​​​​FTC Disclosure

Web Hosting Choose is here to help new users choose the best web hosting for them. We also do some training here that helps beginners get the jump start they need to get their first site online. That being said, we’ve seen some people question the authenticity of this website and have gone so far as to say we scam new users.

This page is here to help users understand that, yes, this site makes money for Scott Buehler and his employees, however, that is not the primary reason why this website was built. We’re here to help the new user with new articles, guides, tips, tricks, and everything in-between to help them get the most out of their website.

However, to ensure compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” law, we are disclosing the fact that we do earn money from this website.

How We Make Money

To ensure our staff of writers, graphic designers, CSS coders, and WordPress theme designers are paid, we must make money through links on this website. We specifically make money using advertisements in the right sidebar (or bottom of each page when responsive) and the use of in-content affiliate links.

We only promote affiliate programs that we believe will be relevant and useful to Web Hosting Choose readers (we test all products and avoid mentioning the useless junk). We do not make a mention every time we use an affiliate link, but if you see a link that has our domain name with a /go/ attribute, you should assume that it is likely an affiliate link, and we are getting paid a commission for your purchase. We aren’t always paid something when using our link, however, in the interest of full compliance, please assume we are.

We also earn money through this site through various means such as consulting gigs, WordPress setup and configuration requests, and many other indirect methods as well.


Scott has used many of the products referred to on this website for many years and personally vouches for these products. This website is here to:

  1. Help the customer get their website online as fast as possible.
  2. Introduce the customer to WordPress and the awesome WordPress community.
  3. Guide the customer through the setup and configuration of their website in one easy-to-use resource.
  4. Help the customer get the most out of their website using products and services to enhance their customer’s experience.
  5. Help the customer maximize the full profit potential of their website.

We’re very serious about helping users, new and expert alike, get the most out of their WordPress installation.

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