Top Web Hosting for Bloggers

2014 Top Web Hosting Providers for Bloggers

The best web hosting providers give the best type of hosting for their customers no matter how big or how small their demands are. The top 5 web hosting providers for this year are none other than the 5 most reliable web hosting providers chosen by many bloggers and they are InMotion Hosting, … [Read More...]

Web Hosting Choose Redesign

Web Hosting Choose Redesign for 2014

Had a ton of fun designing a theme for my new Web Hosting Training site and loved the theme so much, I spent another few days porting it over to this site as well. The old theme looked like this: Although I liked the theme, after several months of looking at it, I felt it was a bit too … [Read More...]

Top WordPress Widgets

9 Best Widgets for your WordPress Blog

You can add widgets on your WordPress blog and these widgets could add that extra experience for your visitors. There are thousands of widgets available and here we'd be discussing about the 7 best widgets for your WordPress blog. You may opt to get all these widgets or not, it's totally up to you. … [Read More...]

WordPress Audio Plugins

7 Best Audio Plugins for WordPress

If you want to embed and manage a plugin on your WordPress blog that plays audio files then you would need an audio player plugin to do that. There are many options out there considering WordPress has thousands of free and paid plugins available. Some plugins need not be a pro version in order for … [Read More...]

WordPress Botnet

The Rundown on WordPress Botnet Attacks

WordPress. In case you haven’t heard of it (and have been living under a rock), it’s one of the most popular blogging and content management systems in the world. Not only is the framework free for anyone to use, it is incredibly easy to install, intuitive to use, and infinitely customizable and its … [Read More...]